• Kyle Carpenter - Flight Instructor

    kcarpenter@carmelaviation.com CFI As a child I grew up just a few miles away from a small airport, slowly growing my interest in aviation as I would see airplanes taking off and landing all day long. I spent the first 15 years of my life racing motocross, leaving very little time to pursue this interest in aviation. Shortly after graduating high school I decided to take a discovery flight with a local flight school and instantly became obsessed. Shortly after earning my CFI certification I moved to Boise and have been enjoying every minute of it!  

  • Zane Huston - Flight Instructor

    Zhuston@carmelaviation.com CFI I've been fascinated by airplanes since my elementary school days , and I received my private pilots license just a week after reaching eligible age. I pursued the remainder of my training in Alaska, where I obtained my commercial certificate before joining Carmel Aviation. There, I earned my CFI certification,and afterward, I briefly returned to Alaska to work. Now back at Carmel, I am excited to continue teaching in Idaho.